The Rats are Clearly Jumping Ship at Badger Daylight

Time for the DIRTY DUMPERS to come clean! 

Latest, Key Badger Departures in Finance / HR

Dale Burtner (July 2007-February 2018)

  • Took Over for Dan Hutchison as US Manager of Finance / Admin and is lead executive interfacing with Canada Finance Dept & Corporate; Responsible for US Financials
  • Protégé of Dan Hutchison (Learned from him at Noble Roman’s – Which Turned Out to Have Questionable Activity)
  • Burtner’s right hand man, Mike Burner, left in 2017

Donna Manship (May 2013 to March 2018)

  • Former US Corporate HR Manager; built up the HR department in US and managed annual performance reviews, salary and bonus payouts (habitual underpayment has driven high turnover for BAD)
  • She appears to have been demoted in June 2017 from US Corporate HR Manager to Manager of HR Systems when BAD brought in Tracey Wallace as VP of Human Resources
  • She was allegedly part of the internal team, along with Tim Reiber and Jon Kelly, that knew about issues arising from improper dumping in California

Amy Corbett (August 2014- March 2018)

  • She was Canadian Controller Based in Red Deer for nearly 4 yrs.
  • Brought in as Controller following the departures of Greg Kelly (CFO) and Lynn Quiding (Controller)
  • Note that the company hired Craig Mass as Corporate Controller out of Calgary in September 2017

Evan Litke (April 2016 to April 2018)

  • US Credit & Collections Manager

Why the mass defections from U.S Headquarters? Time to tell all investors what is really going on at the company.

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It’s time for BAD management to come clean and quit telling lies

Please click here to download pdf. 

Please flip to the last page “Letter to BAD management from franchisee of entire province of Quebec.”

Why does CEO Vanderberg say he “saw market improvement going into the summer” in Eastern Canada on the last conference call? 

Quebec is more than half of Eastern Canada:

In Quebec, Badger

“made the decision to close the business at a great financial loss.” 

It’s easy to see why. The alternative was to

“extend my line of credit with the bank in order to satisfy the payroll obligation.” 

The letter is dated June, and the below pictures were taken in October. Which summer was Vanderberg talking about?

photographs obtained today October 5, 2017 of the Badger Daylighting office located in Montreal.  It appears that the facility has been vacated and the business abandoned.  According to neighbour business the entire operation ceased business at the end of August and the trucks were evacuated to Ontario.